Cats for homing

Here's a select few of the cats in our care to give you an idea of the very special souls we have waiting for new homes!

We are home to over 150 cats at any one time so when you come to visit we will discuss your situation before introducing you to cats who may be suitable. We believe every cat is an individual and making them happy is our number priority, even if it means waiting a while for the right home to come along!

We'd love to let people wander round and pick cats but with so many ages, needs, backgrounds, personalities and temperaments to get to know we have found that matching cats to their new homes and vice versa is the safest way to ensure homes are forever!

Many of the cats in our care will have had two, three, four or more homes in their lifetime already so finding the right home is extra important to us and our feline friends.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet our cats please leave a message on 01953 718529, email felinecarecats [at] gmail [dot] com or ring 07926 540294.

Due to time constraints we're not able to keep our website as up to date as we would like so be aware that cats seen here may already be reserved or rehomed.


Hattie & Evelyn

1+ years old

These pretty sisters will bring huge reward to their new family as they grow confidence and blossom! 

They came from a multi-cat home where they had never been handled before. Their owner was not experienced with cats, to the point that they scared her a little, but the stray cats she invited in soon became 14 cats as they weren't neutered! 

Their whole group has made brilliant progress and now their personalities are finally starting to shine. About time they all found their forever homes now! 

Hattie and Evelyn need lots of love and support from experienced cat people to help them become the brave and settled. If you'd like to come and spend some time getting to know them then we're sure you'll fall head over heels! 

Mummy & Tigger

6 & 5 years
Mummy & son!

Mummy and Tigger used to work as pest controllers on a local industrial estate but they have always been used to the finer things in life as staff on site adored them. 

Both cats love a fuss but Mummy especially can be a bit nervous and isn't so keen on meeting new people. They are happy living with us and we plan to release them to live on site to live with us long term but as they are growing in confidence it seems fair to give them the chance of finding a new home. 

They love cuddling up and we'd love to see them have the chance to snuggle on a sofa on a cold winters evening after a hard days lounging and mousing around outside! 


16+ years


Beautiful Smokey.

At the grand old age of sixteen Smokey is unfortunatly looking for a new forever home after her former owner passed away and no family members were able to help. 

She is a really friendly cuddly girl who would benefit greatly from a nice quiet house to live out the rest of her days.

She really does love a cuddle and fuss so we would be looking for someone who would be able to spend a lot of time giving her the attention she craves.

As with all oldies we would ask the people taking her are aware of the potential extra veterinary costs when taking on an older cat even though our vets are very happy with her general health and condition.



3+ years

Handsome little Colin was an entire male when he came into us and has since been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped (like all our pussy cats!) and is now looking for his forever home.

Colin is a friendly boy with a big appetite so you will need to keep his treats hidden!

Colin loves cuddles but isn’t too keen on been picked up and we would consider him for rehoming with another cat, so long as it's the right cat!


13+ years

Norman came here as a stray in December 2017, having been handed in at a vets because she was in a poorly state. They treated her as best they could (which got harder as she started to feel better!) but she was so grumpy that they couldn't handle her and euthanasia was being considered because she was too aggressive to think about rehoming. 

Upon arrival she made her temper clear but with delicate handling and kind words she soon calmed. She hasn't grumped or swiped at anyone in a long time and she's happy to meet visitors now. 

Her behaviour is typical of a cat who has been an only cat for a long time, most likely since kittenhood. Single kitties don't get the chance to socialise properly with their own kind. They never learn how to be a cat and they become over-confident with humans and often aggression comes with that. Cats like Norman are the reason we will always rehome kittens in pairs! 

She's definitely ready to find her retirement home now and she will make a lovely companion for someone who likes a cat with character! She definitely needs to be the only cat/diva in your life though! 

Really you need to come and meet her because we're pretty sure you'll fall for her! 


12+ years

Darling old Sam has had a traumatic time of it after his owner passed away. Sam and his owner lived in supported housing with a contract to say that Sam would be cared for by a named person should anything happen, though when the time came they were let down unfortunately. 

We're heartbroken that he had been so loved and then within days he lost his owner, his home and everything he knew. 

Sam arrived in a grump because he was so confused and scared. Having been an indoor cat seeing the world through a window, he couldn't even cope with the smell of other cats around him. 

He has calmed now and is building up quite a fan club here but Feline Care will never be the perfect home for him and right now he is lonely.

Sam needs a new windowsill, comfy sofa and a special friend to share tall tails and stories with! 

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