Cats for homing

Here's a select few of the cats in our care to give you an idea of the very special souls we have waiting for new homes!

We are home to over 150 cats at any one time so when you come to visit we will discuss your situation before introducing you to cats who may be suitable. We believe every cat is an individual and making them happy is our number priority, even if it means waiting a while for the right home to come along!

We'd love to let people wander round and pick cats but with so many ages, needs, backgrounds, personalities and temperaments to get to know we have found that matching cats to their new homes and vice versa is the safest way to ensure homes are forever!

Many of the cats in our care will have had two, three, four or more homes in their lifetime already so finding the right home is extra important to us and our feline friends.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet our cats please leave a message on 01953 718529, email felinecarecats [at] gmail [dot] com or ring 07926 540294.

Due to time constraints we're not able to keep our website as up to date as we would like so be aware that cats seen here may already be reserved or rehomed.


Karen & Richard

2 years old
Female and Male

We had to assume this nervous pair are brother and sister, even though we found them caring for Karen's kittens as mother and father. 

They were spotted from a window by office staff in the middle of a very industrial slaughterhouse site, curled around their litter of dying kittens. We were relieved to have the chance to intervene as we managed to save all four babies and they have gone off to happy new lives! 

At first we assumed they were feral but once we had caught them and settled them in here it became clear they were terrified rather than feral.

They will need a peaceful home to settle into and they would not cope with children or boisterous dogs. Obviously we have no history and have no idea what their experiences of home life have been in the past but they have coped well here. 

In the long term it would be lovely for them to be able to enjoy their new garden and surroundings but we think they would be best to wait until they are fully confident at home before visiting the great outdoors again. 

Hattie & Evelyn

1+ years old

These pretty sisters will bring huge reward to their new family as they grow confidence and blossom! 

They came from a multi-cat home where they had never been handled before. Their owner was not experienced with cats, to the point that they scared her a little, but the stray cats she invited in soon became 14 cats as they weren't neutered! 

Their whole group has made brilliant progress and now their personalities are finally starting to shine. About time they all found their forever homes now! 

Hattie and Evelyn need lots of love and support from experienced cat people to help them become the brave and settled. If you'd like to come and spend some time getting to know them then we're sure you'll fall head over heels! 

Trinny & Suzannah

8 & 6 years

Originally they were found huddled together in an empty office block, no one one knew how they had got it or where they had come from. They were understandably nervous and it took a while to befriend them. From their bond, behaviour, ages and physical similarities/contrasts we could only assume they are mum and daughter.

After a few months they found a new home and we thought that everything was going well until we were asked to help with some toileting problems in the home. We gave advice that usually works but weeks later we couldn't understand why it didn't seem to be helping.

Eventually they were returned to us and the problem became instantly clear - we think you'll notice from their photo! Dear Suzannah had always been a big girl, much larger than skinny Trinny, but she had almost doubled in size! Getting in and out of litter trays was tough for her - so us suggesting higher sided litter trays to remedy her pee problems was never going to work! She waddled around like a footstool and was without doubt the fattest cat we've ever seen.

Several months on and a few kilos lighter, Suzannah and her mummy are ready to meet new people who will love them and help them settle into their new home with confidence.

Suzannah remains the most confident of the pair but both girls love a fuss and stroke. They can both be wary of meeting strangers so need someone who is prepared to get to know them a little before adoption. That would also make us feel reassured because we are so desperate to make sure the next home will be forever as they have known quite enough confusion in life already.

They have had no toilet problems since they settled back in and Suzannah lost weight, we suspect that as long as their diet is well managed she'll continue to be a tidy puss! 

Sonny & Matty

2 years

These very beautiful brothers are for someone who wants a huge challenge or for someone who doesn't mind cats just being cats.

They have a feral/farm background and we've really struggled to gain their confidence. With so many more confident cats looking for homes there's no wonder cats like Sonny and Matty get left on the shelf. 

When you spend some time with them they do start to relax but their journey into a normal home life will be a long one. They would be suitable as pest controllers so long as they have some of the home comforts they have been used to here but we would prefer them to have the option of a comfy life! 

UPDATE This handsome pair have now been reserved! 

Mummy & Tigger

6 & 5 years
Mummy & son!

Mummy and Tigger used to work as pest controllers on a local industrial estate but they have always been used to the finer things in life as staff on site adored them. 

Both cats love a fuss but Mummy especially can be a bit nervous and isn't so keen on meeting new people. They are happy living with us and we plan to release them to live on site to live with us long term but as they are growing in confidence it seems fair to give them the chance of finding a new home. 

They love cuddling up and we'd love to see them have the chance to snuggle on a sofa on a cold winters evening after a hard days lounging and mousing around outside! 


5+ years


Our beautiful Jess has been returned to us after unfortunately things in her new home didn't work out. 

She is a lovely girl who enjoys head bumping and purring around your feet and sitting on your knee but if she receives too much fuss she can get over excited and a bit feisty.

Ideally Jess would need a home as an only cat where she as access to the outdoors and lots of food toys to keep her mentally stimulated.

She would also need to be with an experienced cat owner and somebody who could resist over fussing, and read her signals to avoid a nasty bite. We have noticed that she seems to respond better to men. 

It really is a pleasure to be around Jess and she is very happy to be in your company she is just a lady that likes it to be on her terms and if she has had enough she will tell you so a little fuss goes along way.



5+ years

Beautiful Gloria found a home once but unfortunately she was returned to us as it didn't work out.

Gloria is a very nervous and shy girl however we have seen her flourish with certain volunteers once she has got to know them and gained confidence. We don't know her history but she was admitted as a stray who had snuck into someone's 1st floor flat to have kittens behind their sofa! 

She really needs someone to give her patience and let her come out of her shell and not expect too much from her. Reassuring and bringing out the confidence in a cat like her needs no time limits or pressure. 

We suspect Gloria will never be a cat that will snuggle on your lap but if you have the time to spend teaching her to trust you then being owned by her will be rewarding in so many other ways.

She will need a quiet home with no other pets and no children as we don’t think she would cope very well with them. 

It would be ideal if Gloria could go out and see the world after she trusts you and knows that she has found her forever home.

We would like it if anyone interested in adopting Gloria would come and meet her a few times first.



8+ years

Smokey is a very brave gentleman who has coped very well with moving from his former life into our care. 

He has been used to living in a very quiet home as a solely indoor cat and has never been outdoors so his experiences in life are very limited. 

Smokey has been on a special urinary diet since 2010, even though he lost several kilos in weight and was no longer at risk. We are gradually switching him over to a normal diet but so far he doesn't even acknowledge wet food as a food source! 

Smokey is an affectionate chap and we would love for him to find a new home where he can have safe access to outdoors, even if just a catio or pen. We are never very keen on the thought of healthy cats not having access to fresh air, rain, sunshine, grass, etc! It will be a real joy to see him experience these things for the first time!  


16+ years


Beautiful Smokey.

At the grand old age of sixteen Smokey is unfortunatly looking for a new forever home after her former owner passed away and no family members were able to help. 

She is a really friendly cuddly girl who would benefit greatly from a nice quiet house to live out the rest of her days.

She really does love a cuddle and fuss so we would be looking for someone who would be able to spend a lot of time giving her the attention she craves.

As with all oldies we would ask the people taking her are aware of the potential extra veterinary costs when taking on an older cat even though our vets are very happy with her general health and condition.



12+ years


Joules is another elderly lady who found herself sleeping outside in the cold rather a lot more than she would like. Now she is just so grateful of a warm sleeping area.

She is a lovely friendly girl but has her own rules and regulations on which bits you're allowed to stroke - as is common with most mature ladies! 

Jooles does not like other cats at all so needs to be an only cat and once again we would ask you are aware of the potential extra veterinary costs when caring for an older cat.

UPDATE: Jooles really needs a new home soon as she is very stressed out at sharing with all the cats here. She just wants to be someone's companion....


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