Cats for homing

Here's a select few of the cats in our care to give you an idea of the very special souls we have waiting for new homes!

We are home to over 150 cats at any one time so when you come to visit we will discuss your situation before introducing you to cats who may be suitable. We believe every cat is an individual and making them happy is our number priority, even if it means waiting a while for the right home to come along!

We'd love to let people wander round and pick cats but with so many ages, needs, backgrounds, personalities and temperaments to get to know we have found that matching cats to their new homes and vice versa is the safest way to ensure homes are forever!

Many of the cats in our care will have had two, three, four or more homes in their lifetime already so finding the right home is extra important to us and our feline friends.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet our cats please leave a message on 01953 718529, email felinecarecats [at] gmail [dot] com or ring 07926 540294.

Due to time constraints we're not able to keep our website as up to date as we would like so be aware that cats seen here may already be reserved or rehomed.



5+ years

Coco could have found a home a million times over as she is a kissy and cuddly cat who craves attention and a lap! Her biggest problem is the love of her life, Mr Tom.

Mr Tom is a very handsome black and white chap who is incredibly nervous and hates meeting new people. The kind of people who fall for Coco are not the kind of people who want to spend the time that Mr Tom needs to get to know him unfortunately.

We hate splitting pairs up, especially when they absolutely love each other, and we feel it's kinder to wait for the right home than force them to live without each other.

Both cats came from the same problem area, where no one ever seems to neuter their cats and most people just leave their cats behind when they move out. We take as many cats off the small estate as we can but it's never enough and the next tenants just bring the next wave of neglected, unloved and unwanted cats. Shame on the housing associations who don't write into tenancy agreements that all pets should be neutered and chipped. 

Coco lost half her tail after being kicked by someone (apparently) and neither her or Mr Tom have had a home before as they were born outdoors. Coco has long term viral eye problems that won't be covered by pet insurance as they are a pre-existing condition but they don't tend to bother her much. We may be able to offer help with the costs of any veterinary care of her eyes.

They are both likely to be scared of dogs and won't be suitable for homing with children.

If you'd like to meet them then we suggest setting aside a chunk of time to just sit with them and get to know them.


3+ years

Lady is a bit of a nervous moggy so needs an experienced cat owner to help her learn to be brave in her forever home.

She has been living as a stray for many months, raising at least one litter of kittens that sadly didn't survive. Thankfully she found some supportive humans to feed her and when they found out she was stray they got her straight on our waiting list. 

After such a long time fending for herself she has learnt to be afraid of so much and would appreciate a home where she is the only pet and where she can be your special princess.

If you'd like to meet her we suggest setting aside a little extra time just to sit with her and show her that you're going to love her. She'll repay you in affection as soon as she's worked out you're ok!

Obviously Lady cannot be rehomed with children as she won't cope well with their noise, speed or unpredictability!


11+ years

Mabel is looking for a lap to sit on please! 

She was handed in to a vets to be put to sleep after her owner passed away and thankfully the vets brought her to us the next day! 

Mabel spent the first few days of her stay here in an absolute rage! She was furious with everything in the world around her because her lovely life had been turned upside down. When cats have had a rubbish life they are always delighted to arrive here, whereas loved and adored cats just do not understand and often get angry with the situation. 

After a few days we started to see her purry side and we've never looked back! She positively dribbles with happiness when she has a good fuss now and she'll be a perfect companion or sofa buddy! 

Mabel is in good health although she does have an inner issue that we would need to discuss with any potential adopters. 

Mabel is not especially keen on other cats, children or dogs! 

Mr Tom

5+ years

Mr Tom is Coco's partner in crime and cuddles! 

Please see Coco's write up further up this page! 


3+ years

Sarah is the life and soul of everything, everywhere, at all times! She is into everything, involved in everything and the root of any naughtiness that might accidentally be happening! She loves cuddles, playing, eating, more cuddles and wants to learn and explore then have a good sleep! 

Sarah is in great need of a home with plenty going on to keep her amused and busy, if not she will wander to lok for the action which just isn't safe. We'd love her to find somewhere rural to live where she can have an active outdoor life and plenty of humans to keep her company too. 

She likes other cats and probably dogs, though we've never introduced her to ours. She would be fine with children so long as they understand to never let her play rough, toys are for rough play rather than hands or feet! Sarah definitely cannot be homed with families who are out at work and school all day! 

Her health has not been perfect since she arrived and she came down with gunky eyes and a little cold when she first settled in. Orginally she was a street cat in Romania so she will not have natural immunity to the strains of viruses and bugs that exist in the UK so she will need swift treatment if she comes down with anything else. 

We love our little firecracker, she will be greatly missed when she finds that perfect home! 

Karen & Richard

2 years old
Female and Male

We had to assume this nervous pair are brother and sister, even though we found them caring for Karen's kittens as mother and father. 

They were spotted from a window by office staff in the middle of a very industrial slaughterhouse site, curled around their litter of dying kittens. We were relieved to have the chance to intervene as we managed to save all four babies and they have gone off to happy new lives! 

At first we assumed they were feral but once we had caught them and settled them in here it became clear they were terrified rather than feral.

They will need a peaceful home to settle into and they would not cope with children or boisterous dogs. Obviously we have no history and have no idea what their experiences of home life have been in the past but they have coped well here. 

In the long term it would be lovely for them to be able to enjoy their new garden and surroundings but we think they would be best to wait until they are fully confident at home before visiting the great outdoors again. 

Hattie & Evelyn

1+ years old

These pretty sisters will bring huge reward to their new family as they grow confidence and blossom! 

They came from a multi-cat home where they had never been handled before. Their owner was not experienced with cats, to the point that they scared her a little, but the stray cats she invited in soon became 14 cats as they weren't neutered! 

Their whole group has made brilliant progress and now their personalities are finally starting to shine. About time they all found their forever homes now! 

Hattie and Evelyn need lots of love and support from experienced cat people to help them become the brave and settled. If you'd like to come and spend some time getting to know them then we're sure you'll fall head over heels! 


8+ years

Poor Tilly knows full well what a superior ladypuss she is yet somehow she ended up struggling to survive on a building site. Most dreadful for such a distinguished lady. 

She was microchipped but despite extensive searching we have been unable to trace her previous owner. 

Judging by her independent and bossy behaviour, Tilly has been used to being an only cat and cannot understand why we would expect her to mix with the riff raff here! As with most single cats she is easily overstimulated into rough play and as with most bossy women she will give us a nip if we touch her in an area that she deems inappropriate! 

Tilly is looking for a home where she will once again reign supreme - no other pets or kids please. 

Mr O'Neil

5+ years

Mr O'Neil is our hunky chunk of love! 

He was caught with a bad abscess on his forehead, feeling very sorry for himself. We were treated to huge scary hisses upon his arrival but within the hour he allowed us to clean up and treat his wound and he was soon healed up.

He'd obvisouly been a stray for a while and his first few days here were spent fast asleep. It must feel lovely to sleep soundly and safely after having to stay so alert and protect yourself on the streets. 

As an ex-tom he's got a defensive streak in him, although it's rare that we see it. He does however have a gentle bite of legs if he's getting too much attention or not enough so it'll be up to you to decide which! 

Mr O needs someone to understand how special he is and somewhere to call home, we suspect it's been a while. 


3+ years

Fluff is a gentle and quiet puss cat who loves a fuss and special one on one time. 

We were contacted by concerned members of the public after her and two other cats were spotted being given away on Facebook:
"All need to go due to another baby on the way. And possibly moving. To a bigger place. Also the missus doesn't like them."

Fluff was being bullied by the two bigger and bolder cats in her household so we would like to find her a home where she can be adored and flourish on her own. 

She suffers from Flea Allergy Dermatitis. This is a very common condition which simply means she will have to have a very good routine for her flea prevention. As a long haired cat she will also need regular grooming so that 15 years from now, when she is elderly and can no longer maintain her coat, she will already be used to grooming and will appreciate your help! 

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