Cats for homing



3+ years

Poor little Bella is one of those ladies who would like to be the only cat in the world.

She's a bit of a bossy boots so we'd like her to go to an experinced home but we suspect she would be far happier and so far more relaxed in her own home.

She does like a fuss and would dearly love more attention and is putty in your hands if you have a packet of Dreamies!

Bella was given up as her previous owners could no longer afford to look after her. She had been living in their shed as they couldn't afford flea treatment so didn't want her bringing fleas in the house.


5+ years

Coco could have found a home a million times over as she is a kissy and cuddly cat who craves attention and a lap! Her biggest problem is the love of her life, Mr Tom.

Mr Tom is a very handsome black and white chap who is incredibly nervous and hates meeting new people. The kind of people who fall for Coco are not the kind of people who want to spend the time that Mr Tom needs to get to know him unfortunately.

We hate splitting pairs up, especially when they absolutely love each other, and we feel it's kinder to wait for the right home than force them to live without each other.

Both cats came from the same problem area, where no one ever seems to neuter their cats and most people just leave their cats behind when they move out. We take as many cats off the small estate as we can but it's never enough and the next tenants just bring the next wave of neglected, unloved and unwanted cats. Shame on the housing associations who don't write into tenancy agreements that all pets should be neutered and chipped. 

Coco lost half her tail after being kicked by someone (apparently) and neither her or Mr Tom have had a home before as they were born outdoors. Coco has long term eye problems that won't be covered by pet insurance as they are a pre-existing condition but they don't tend to bother her much. We may be able to offer help with the costs of any veterinary care of her eyes.

They are both likely to be scared of dogs and won't be suitable for homing with children.

If you'd like to meet them then we suggest setting aside a chunk of time to just sit with them and get to know them.

Amber and Scrumpy

18+ years

These are Harry's very big beautiful babies and though they love their mummy lots, they love each other more!

The girls cuddle in bed together constantly but are straight out of bed for cuddles with people. Amber is by far the most confident of the pair but both love people and affection.

They've all come from quite a rural home but haven't shown much interest in the great outdoors here. We suspect they would cope with an indoor home or supervised access outside on sunny days if you're in a built up area.

They were given up as their owner was no longer in a position to look after them and heartbreakingly had to give them up.

*Harry, their mummy, has been rehomed because time is not on her side and getting into a home asap took priority! She is very happy and very spoilt in her retirement home so fingers crossed Amber and Scrumpy can find the same! 


3+ years

Lady is a bit of a nervous moggy so needs an experienced cat owner to help her learn to be brave in her forever home.

She has been living as a stray for many months, raising at least one litter of kittens that sadly didn't survive. Thankfully she found some supportive humans to feed her and when they found out she was stray they got her straight on our waiting list. 

After such a long time fending for herself she has learnt to be afraid of so much and would appreciate a home where she is the only pet and where she can be your special princess.

If you'd like to meet her we suggest setting aside a little extra time just to sit with her and show her that you're going to love her. She'll repay you in affection as soon as she's worked out you're ok!

Obviously Lady cannot be rehomed with children as she won't cope well with their noise, speed or unpredictability!


3+ years

Darling Bimbo has struck a huge chord with us because he is such a big scaredy bear. Once he feels safe with you he absolutely loves a fuss and there's nothing better than getting Bimbo love! 

He is very nervous of people and we suspect that life as a stray tom was very touch for him. We'll be over the moon when he finds the right person to give him the confidence he needs. 

We would consider rehoming Bimbo to an indoor home as he would be happy with the security it brings but we would also like him to find a home with other cats because he really appreciated feline company. 

Bimbo would definitely need a quiet and understanding home with no kids or boisterous dogs to scare him! 

UPDATE: Bimbo has been reserved! 


11+ years

Mabel is looking for a lap to sit on please! 

She was handed in to a vets to be put to sleep after her owner passed away and thankfully the vets brought her to us the next day! 

Mabel spent the first few days of her stay here in an absolute rage! She was furious with everything in the world around her because her lovely life had been turned upside down. When cats have had a rubbish life they are always delighted to arrive here, whereas loved and adored cats just do not understand and often get angry with the situation. 

After a few days we started to see her purry side and we've never looked back! She positively dribbles with happiness when she has a good fuss now and she'll be a perfect companion or sofa buddy! 

Mabel is in good health although she does have an inner issue that we would need to discuss with any potential adopters. 

Mabel is not especially keen on other cats, children or dogs! 

Mr Tom

5+ years

Mr Tom is Coco's partner in crime and cuddles! 

Please see Coco's write up further up this page! 


3+ years

Sarah is the life and soul of everything, everywhere, at all times! She is into everything, involved in everything and the root of any naughtiness that might accidentally be happening! She loves cuddles, playing, eating, more cuddles and wants to learn and explore then have a good sleep! 

Sarah is in great need of a home with plenty going on to keep her amused and busy, if not she will wander to lok for the action which just isn't safe. We'd love her to find somewhere rural to live where she can have an active outdoor life and plenty of humans to keep her company too. 

She likes other cats and probably dogs, though we've never introduced her to ours. She would be fine with children so long as they understand to never let her play rough, toys are for rough play rather than hands or feet! Sarah definitely cannot be homed with families who are out at work and school all day! 

Her health has not been perfect since she arrived and she came down with gunky eyes and a little cold when she first settled in. Orginally she was a street cat in Romania so she will not have natural immunity to the strains of viruses and bugs that exist in the UK so she will need swift treatment if she comes down with anything else. 

We love our little firecracker, she will be greatly missed when she finds that perfect home! 


8+ years

Felix is a handsome and loveable chap who needs a new home double-quick because he is a rather stressy boy. He's had a confusing time and although he's now settled in well with us he really would flourish in a home of his own. 

He was given up after a dog that he'd moved in with really wanted to have a pop at him, we suspect the feeling was mutual but Felix is a lover not a fighter and would have come off very badly.

Felix is a sweetheart who loves a fuss but he would prefer to be an only pussy cat in a peaceful home, so probably not with children!

Fingers crossed for Felix!  


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