Cats for homing

Here's a select few of the cats in our care to give you an idea of the very special souls we have waiting for new homes!

We are home to over 150 cats at any one time so when you come to visit we will discuss your situation before introducing you to cats who may be suitable. We believe every cat is an individual and making them happy is our number priority, even if it means waiting a while for the right home to come along!

We'd love to let people wander round and pick cats but with so many ages, needs, backgrounds, personalities and temperaments to get to know we have found that matching cats to their new homes and vice versa is the safest way to ensure homes are forever!

Many of the cats in our care will have had two, three, four or more homes in their lifetime already so finding the right home is extra important to us and our feline friends.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet our cats please leave a message on 01953 718529, email felinecarecats [at] gmail [dot] com or ring 07926 540294.

Due to time constraints we're not able to keep our website as up to date as we would like so be aware that cats seen here may already be reserved or rehomed.


Mummy & Tigger

6 & 5 years
Mummy & son!

Mummy and Tigger used to work as pest controllers on a local industrial estate but they have always been used to the finer things in life as staff on site adored them. 

Both cats love a fuss but Mummy especially can be a bit nervous and isn't so keen on meeting new people. They are happy living with us and we plan to release them to live on site to live with us long term but as they are growing in confidence it seems fair to give them the chance of finding a new home. 

They love cuddling up and we'd love to see them have the chance to snuggle on a sofa on a cold winters evening after a hard days lounging and mousing around outside! 


10+ years

This handsome gentleman was left behind when his owners moved home. At first neighbours were happy to keep feeding him but they changed their minds when they couldn't stop him bullying their dog!

Bertie has been a gentle giant during his stay at Feline Care although to err on the safe side he will be looking for a home with no other pets as he's just not keen! 

Bertie is a friendly chap who would love a companion to watch daytime television with and a garden to patrol and explore. 


15+ years

We know Ernie is an unusual name for such a pretty old princess but when she was little the humans in her life thought she was a boy! 

She's not quite ready for a new home yet as she's waiting for some dental work but it would be lovely to have a new home waiting for her when she's ready. 

Ernie has worked as a pest controller for years but at her time of life she was no longer safe. She's recently gone deaf so she was no longer able to hear visiting dogs arrive and had a few near misses with unfriendly hounds. 

Ernie absolutely loves a fuss so we're sure she will make a lovely companion. As she's been used to living outdoors she will need access to a safe garden as she might go stir crazy as an indoor only pussy cat. 

Ernie experiences with children are likely to be minimal so we suspect she would prefer an adult only home. 

We're confident that if you meet her, you will fall in love! 


7+ years

Our special friend Maria might be one our most unphotogenic ever! She is a well rounded beauty but she is incapable of posing for the camera! This is an old photo but her waistline certainly hasn't depreciated! 

Maria came to live here over four years ago after being found in a shed with another cat and a pile of kittens. The kittens soon found homes but Maria and her friend May were just not brave enough to find homes. 

For the first year or more we could not stroke Maria at all. She would run from us and if we had the chance to try to stroke her we'd get an aggressive whack! She wasn't a feral cat, she was terrified. 

Before long both ladies were released on site to roam free and they stayed close friends for a long time, though that all changed when they decided they were house cats again! 

May has since found a home and loves her new life and now Maria deserves the same. She has been living at home with me for several months and while she's not hugely keen on being picked up, she loves a fuss and headbump and loves to be by your side. If you're not careful she'll easily nudge a cuppa out of your hand with her enthusiastic headbumps! 

Maria is a bit of a bully with other cats. She's been fine sharing a home with 10 other cats but any visiting cats are immediately chased away! 

As there's a strong chance of her bullying neighbouring cats, we would like to find her a rural home where she can help out with pest control as she's a very keen mouse-hunter! 


15+ years

Lilly came here with her family after their owner passed away. 

They are a lovely bunch of old ladies who have lived together forever but aren't that keen on each other so will be looking for homes seperately. 

Lilly is desperate for a new person in her life, preferably with a three seater sofa although she would settle for a two seater with the right person! She loves a fuss and as she has a semi-long coat she will need you to help her with regular grooming. 

When she arrived she had to go to the dentist for some teeth out but other than that she's in fine health for a lady of her advanced years. 


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