Plug's Care Fund

Many of you will already be well aware of Plug's horrific injuries after being hit in the face by rebound from a high velocity rifle.

He has been left with a shattered jaw, making eating difficult and grooming impossible. As a feral cat we had the challenge of domesticating him before he could be treated for the old injury and weeks later we were stroking him for the first time.

We assumed he'd been hit by a car until his first x-rays revealed the metal fragments embedded in his face and we realised he'd been victim of a gamekeeper's bad aim. We'll never know how he managed to survive in the wild.

Sadly the x-rays also revealed the full extent of the break and the remodelling required to give him his life back. He needs very specialist surgery and we were lucky enough to be given a contact at the internationally renowned Fitzpatrick Referrals in Surrey. We jumped at the chance, despite the expense, because we knew Plug had no choice.

Plug has already had his first visit to Surrey (coping better than us with the long journey!) and most of the metal fragments have now been surgically removed. He has had CT scans and we're now waiting for his surgeon to decide how best to tackle the next stage of rebuilding his jaw.

Our lovely Facebook supporters encouraged us to set up Plug's Care Fund and to date £3,642 has been donated towards his treatment! We're also very grateful to the EDP newspaper who picked up his story from Facebook and printed him on their front page as well as nearly a full page inside the paper!

Follow his journey on our Facebook page (see bottom of this page!) and if you can donate towards his care fund please click here!

Plug's Care Fund has now raised well beyond his costs and kind souls are still donating as any 'spare' in his fund will go towards the veterinary care of other pussy cats.

Plug's now home from his surgery in Surrey at Fitzpatrick Referrals, recovering from the final surgery to rebuild his jaw. We wish him a speedy recovery and it's lovely to have him home!

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