26/11/10 Snow, pretty cold snow

I'm always a lover of snow and today it arrived by the bucket load! Mind you, it is a bit early and I'm not quite up to my full winter weight just yet so I'm feeling the cold lots.

In reception Strokes says she's going to sleep in the cupboard until the snow clears:

It's caused a bit of a problem in the feral cat bedrooms too. In one of the rooms a couple of the oldies are refusing to go into the snow and have opted for the corner blanket in 2d. They've been given a litter tray for now so that should sort them out.

I have been outside for a pee but had to come straight back in cos even my paw tufts frozed up. Howard has been out in it lots. The big hairy dumbo hasn't noticed it's cold yet but give him a few days...


24/11/10 Jewsons are ace!

Jewsons in Diss have once again jumped in to help and have given us more floor paint to help with rejuvenating area 4. They're so nice and I hope they're going to visit when it's all done. They even donated big paint brushes to make it an easier job and make the paint stretch further.

The cats are certainly queuing to fill the pen up as soon as it's ready. Mum was sobbing earlier today because she'd had nasty caller after nasty caller, all being furious we don't have space.

I think it's pretty stupid to shout at the people who are trying to make a difference. They should ring up people who are selling and giving out kittens in classified columns, shop windows, via friends in the office.... They're the people who are fuelling feline over-population without so much as a care for the problems they are creating.

Enough of my grumbles, I'm just glad I don't have to answer the phone here!


23/11/10 All in pink!

The plan to paint the back pen of area 4 was a great idea and it seems pink is now all the fashion. Poppy and Bethany both 'helped' and so did Howard although he remains paint free. Some of the ferals went wandering through to see what was going on and also came back with pink stripes!

Here's 3-legged Poppy with her new paint effects:

And here's me and Bethany (you can't see quite how much painty she is from this angle but I look cute in this one!), on our cushion this evening:

Mrs Hamilton lived in the pen for a while so she zoomed straight in to play on her favourite log, attached to the wall of the pen. She watched all the painting go on into the evening and was sensible enough to keep herself far away from the wet paint!

The pen's getting a makeover like the back of area 3 had earlier in the year. It is due some new shelves for climbing on and a heavy duty floor paint to make it much cleaner and easier to clean up than the existing concrete stuff.

I think the race is on to finish it this weekend so the floor can dry and cats can move in before our Xmas Open Afternoon on the 5th. That's a lot of work to fit in so good luck!


21/11/10 Tabitha's out of here....

So they only just arrived and already one of the new oldie gang has been resrved by a really sweet local lady. She's going to be an only cat but you can see she loves people more than cats already so everyone's so glad for her. Tabitha may not already have been neutered so it's our vet's decision whether she is or not. An anaesthetic would be more risky at her age but if he can I think he will for safety's sake.

We've got a new girl due in tomorrow who's been waiting for ages to get in here. She's been stray in an elderly lady's garden for ages and is desperate for a warm bed. Apparently snow is due later this week so I'm glad we've managed to make room for her - space is so tight.


20/11/10 They're here

All NINE golden oldies turned up this afternoon, most of them are in very high spirits but a couple were a bit scared. It turns out that the youngest is 12yrs and oldest is 17yrs but they all look ancient to me.

After giving them time to settle in they all tucked in to dinner together and I reckon they'll all love it here pretty quick. That's a lot of oldies to find homes for but they're welcome to call here home forever and they'll be loved lots, like we all are.

This afternoon we had a horrible phone call from a lady in Thetford. Four kittens had been found in a bin bag on the Abbey Farm estate, three were already dead. The fourth is doing fine and the lady will keep him apparently but it sounds like there's little that can be done to find the perpetrator. So, so sad.

The kitten who was being hand fed the other day is now eating very well for himself and looking much brighter. He's done some good purring, loves a cuddle, uses his toilet perfectly and has been named Mike for some ridiculous reason.

Worrying news from reception this morning: Millie has learnt some naughty Scully habits (thankfully not weeing or vomitting anywhere!) and has stolen the last slice of Vicki's gorgeous sponge cake. I think it's only fair if someone had left it out but it seems cake is quite a prized possession round here and it had only been left unattended for a matter of seconds. Millie has only been given two dinners this evening as punishment but she says that's fine because she filled up on cake earlier!

Someone made the mistake of leaving a box on the table this evening. Howard was first in, closely followed by Soka and Kwali. They all refused to budge for ages...


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