03/12/10 Open Afternoon is approaching!

It's all systems go go go and there's lots of preparations going on for our open afternoon this weekend. Sarah and Janet are also doing a teddy tombola tonight in Thetford so I hope they've wrapped up warm.

Tabitha is now home safe and sound and this time her wound has been stapled so she'd be hard pushed to take them out again.

Mum and dad have decided to use the new cat pen for visitors on Sunday, they're going to have the cat stall and tombola in there. It's a pretty good idea because the feral cats always clamber and sleep on anything left out before open days so it makes preparing harder work usually!

Donations of bric-a-brac are reaching the highest levels ever and I fear Emma may be buried under a pile of jigsaws and used tupperware because she does all the sorting. Is everyone clearing out for Christmas I wonder? I hope lots of people get pressies they don't want so they can donate them here for us to use in tombolas!

I wish the snow and ice would clear soon. Some of our volunteers daren't drive in it so it's exhausting everyone who does make it here because there's not enough people for all the work. Also I hate using litter trays but I also hate cold paws.


02/12/10 Tabitha's daft

Well that didn't last long. Tabitha's removed her stitches and is now back at our vets. She's staying in the night to be kept an eye on and hopefully can go back to her new home again tomorrow. What a silly old girl!

It's still too cold out to do anything. I've spent most of the day on dad's computer...


01/12/10 Change of plans

Well the pen which is being revamped is definitely on hold! Dad's spent all day putting the new shelves up but the cold weather is halting any more progress. It's just too cold to floor paint as apparently it needs to dry on, not freeze on!

Tabitha got her final vet-check this morning and then was taken straight round to her new home. She's now living with a huge teddy collection and has the most toasty warm home all to herself. There was even a plate of freshly cooked white fish waiting for her arrival!


28/11/10 Tombola-tastic

We've had freezing cold volunteers at the Watton and Attleborough Christmas light switch-on ceremonies this afternoon. Altogether they've raised £350 today so thanks to everyone who got chilly today for us, I wish I could've leant you my fur!

I don't know how they did it because this is the last Sunday of the month as well and we're open to the public. Sounds like not many visitors came today to view cats and I don't think a single cat was reserved. That's a bit of a worry as we need to make space for new cats who are waiting. Hopefully the new year will bring lots of new homes.

Tabitha is currently the only cat we have waiting to leave and she's waiting to be spayed tomorrow. She best recover quickly and hurry up into her new home, it sounds lovely.


27/11/10 Did I mention I love Andy?

Lovely heating engineer, Andy Hurst, came along this afternoon and spent hours cleaning out our delapidated boiler after we woke up to no hot water again. Everyone was dreading what had now broken but super Andy said it just needed a service and by this evening it's all up and running again.

Millie kept a watchful eye on Andy throughout the afternoon. She was most annoyed at his use of the hoover but still couldn't be bothered to get out of her cardboard box.

What a super star and big purrs all round for Andy! The whole of our reception area was layered in black dust as the boiler had started to back up with so much soot. I got to chuckle a bit because someone's going to have fun cleaning up!

Oops, because of the snow excitement, I forgot to tell you yesterday that four more cats arrived in the morning. Their owners are moving house today so it's a bit last minute and the group are a little shocked by the unheaval.

They will all settle soon I know, and they will make loads of cool new friends here.


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