11/12/10 Christmas cheer is returning


It's been a good day and I can see smiles returning to the faces here. It definitely helped that a family of four kittens have been reserved today, all to go to the same crazy household! What fun they'll have and I hope their new home has no curtains...

Also Boots and Tigger are due to go off to their new home together at last. They are such nice, friendly and beautiful boys that no one can work out how it's taken so long for them to be snapped up. They are going to a lovely home locally where they'll be centre of attention.

Twix's mum and dad came over to say hi to everyone and brought loads of pictures of her lounging at home. Howard went out to tart for attention of course because he thinks he's a celebrity now!

Twix was the super-mum of 2008 here, taking care of a total of 17 kittens during her stay. She came in heavily pregnant and, after bringing her kittens up so well, was quite happy to play mum to another 12 orphans over the next few weeks! It cheers everyone up to know that the cats who've been loved here are even more loved in their new homes because it's the point of it all.

One of our new cats who were trapped the other day, but are actually domestic strays, has tried to help in the cheer up operation by getting stuck in a jacket sleeve:She soon backed out with help and won't be allowed any more winter clothing!


10/12/10 Working through the sads

It's been a teary week here, loosing Brian has been tough on everyone. The rest of us cats are sharing extra purrs to try and ease the grief but we know people have big sads.

Lots of focus has been on the two scaredy big feral kittens in our ICU. They have to get friendly and find proper homes so they need loads of fuss to realise it! Roofy, found at Aspect Roofing, is doing really well but this is the little chap, named Victor, who Vicky found the other night...He reckons he eats human hands, arms and legs for dinner so stand well back but I reckon they'll get there with him.


08/12/10 We're all in shock

No one knows what has happened but, just days before he was due to leave, Brian has died.

Everyone is devastated and no one knows what could have caused it. He died peacefully in his sleep, curled up in his bed, in the early hours of the morning. Uncle Paul has seen him and says whatever it was must have been so sudden and obviously if he felt any pain at all then he didn't even have time to respond to it before he lost consciousness. Apparently it is the kindest way for anyone to leave this world but to us it hurts so much.

I hated Brian and so did Howard but we're still as sad as everyone else. So many hearts here are broken over loosing him and though he was bitey he had a special place in people's hearts. There's never been so much excitement over a cat finding his dream home and in a flash all that is gone for him.

Whatever happened we hope he is at peace and happily chasing butterflies in warm sunshine this evening.


06/12/10 Christmas keeps on coming early!

This morning we had the bestest Christmas present arrive of all. At mid-morning Lady Jane Grey turned up, one of our ferals, who hasn't been seen for weeks. She was one of the American gang but because she was a semi-feral she was released on site. At first she was really happy on site and strolled up late for breakfast every morning but then one day she just didn't turn up.

After a while everyone started to fear we'd never see Jane again. Because her front paws have been declawed, a practice which is illegal in this country, she is at greater risk in life as she can't defend herself or escape as easily.

Earlier this year, before she was released on site...
And this afternoon, skinny but still meowing her pleasure to be home...

Emma spotted her and couldn't believe it was really Jane. She's emaciated and hasn't stopped meowing since she got home, now safe and sound and warm in our ICU. Her coat's filthy like she's been too dehydrated to clean herself properly so who knows where she's been but I know she's mighty glad to be home this evening.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day we then had another surprise about an hour ago. Vicky was half way through feeding the cats when she saw a kitten strolling along the Mews (our main building) looking for food. Borat was chasing it around but it was determined to wait here for dinner.

Within half an hour between mum, dad and Vicky they had it trapped in one of the feral bedrooms and then in a cat restraint cage because s/he's a fully fledged feral kitty! We've got no cages free at all so the little hisser's been put in our ICU until a space comes free, not ideal but better to get neutered asap.

What a day....



05/12/10 Happy Christmas!

It's been a best ever day and it feels like Christmas! You should see the enormous heap of presents that have been left by our enormous Christmas tree!

Loads of people turned up and Soka and I watched from afar as  cars filled up the car park and overflowed into my paddock. I said hello to a few of my public but to be honest it was a bit overwhelming and I snuck back to bed after a while.

It sounds like Howard was star of the show because he went over and met absolutely everyone! He was full of tales of cuddles and strokes and apparently sat in the middle of the tombola to absorb even more adoration. He's declined dinner this evening after eating so many cheese scones and butterfly cakes and says he's getting an early night.

Poppy and Bethany wore their santa outfits but Bethany asked to have hers taken off after a while because she felt silly. Poppy is still wearing hers because it's toasty warm and she thinks it attacts more food.

The other cats have had a good day although some of them are well stressed out by the chaos of so many people tramping round their bedrooms. I'd hate that many people coming round mine, I think they're very brave for coping so well with open days.

That's it for big events now for the year, phew because we've got all of about 5 tombola prizes left. Don't forget to buy everyone things they don't want for Christmas - then they can donate them to us for prizes! Good idea yes?



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