#3 Summer Fun!

Thank you everyone for making yesterday such a fabulous day and special thanks to the sun for remembering to shine! We raised £941.50 for our moggies and have hopefully found some lovely new homes.

The cats, who behaved impeccably for their swarms of visitors, ate a roast chicken dinner as a reward last night and were very proud of themselves!

We are all exhausted today and are looking forward to a couple of days recuperation before we attempt to get the marquee back down.

More good news, little Holly will be leaving us later today. She is a pretty young tortoiseshell who was found dumped in a layby next to the A11 at Wymondham. She had obviously had kittens as she was still in milk but our vet determind that they had not suckled within the last couple of days so we gave up the search for her kittens. Her finder has kindly offered her a home and his family came to our Open Day to meet her before she goes home today. Fingers crossed Holly will get on with their dog and cat as we have a feeling she may be a feisty little madam!

#4 I knew it...

I was worried that we would never create enough time in our already busy weeks to keep our blog updated and already I am proving myself right!

Howard is still coming round slowly but as he is now fully vaccinated he has gone into one of our main areas. He seems a little intimidated by the other cats and he has taken to hissing at me again but we'll get there with him.

Long term I expect we will release him to live free on site but I would like him to be a little easier to handle before he goes out.

We are now in the build up to our Summer Open Day, having conquered the Norfolk Show and Wymondham Funday! Thankfully lots of you have come through with some fabulous prizes so we should be ok on the day. After holding so many raffles and tombolas over the last few weeks I was scared we would have nothing left for our own open day!

The marquee goes up tomorrow and fingers crossed for some sunshine on Sunday as the Met Office are predicting rain for us :-(

See you all on Sunday!

#5 Howard winked at me...

So silly to be excited about a cat looking you in the eye and blinking but I am!

Though Howard has tolerated me stroking him for the last few days his blinks today are a real sign that he is coming round. Blinking is communication to cats and I am relieved he has made his first attempt at talking to me! Slow steps but think how rewarding each step is as...

Elsewhere in the centre we have had two kittens go out to their new homes [both to be companions for other cats - otherwise our kittens only leave in pairs] and Tilly and Foxynot have been our vets for neutering.

We also covered the afternoon in our Charity Shop in Attleborough for Meryl, who is in London giving a talk about her work saving animals in Zimbabwe. A book about Meryl's work has recently been published but she is so busy managing our shop she is not finding enough time to promote it so I am glad she had got away.

No sooner had we arrived than the rain started pelting down so we had very few customers through the door. Thankfully alot of our customers are regulars who know about the work we do and donate even if they can't find anything to buy! A few people bought in some lovely donations too so we were still kept busy.

Every time I step in our shop (less and less these days thanks to the moggies who don't let me leave the Centre!) I am astounded at how lucky Feline Care is. Our shop in Attleborough provides the majority of our funding and is run entirely by volunteers. Every item of stock has been donated and volunteers even provide their own tea bags and loo roll to keep costs down for the cats!

Howard might not look it yet but I'm sure he's grateful... 


#2 Smelly cats

It's tough at the moment. The centre is so full (mostly with kittens!) that I have a newly neutered tom staying in a huge cage in my bedroom! He's very nervous but took chicken from my hand for the first time last night so the extra human contact is doing him good.

We have called him Howard as he came from the Eastgate Vets. He had been hit by a car and had been in quite poorly shape but thankfully he's well on the mend now. 

There are so many toms roaming after females at this time of year that sadly road accidents are inevitable. For male cats neutering is such quick and minor operation but it really does save their lives. Most of the 'lost' cats we receive calls about at this time of year are unneutered males and it seems daft that, with almost every rescue offering financial help, people still don't neuter.

Also, having had a tom in my bedroom now for a few days, I really can't work out how people tolerate the distinctive 'tom smell' at home. It's not Howard's fault and it will fade now he is neutered as his body gradually stops producing the same smelly pheromones... but he reeks!   


#1 Welcome to our blog!

Today is just a quiet Sunday and I have found a few hours this afternoon to work on our new website. The site was due to go live this weekend but after a crazy week of cats there just haven't been enough hours to load all the information on. Our, very out of date, old website will have to suffice a little longer as I have now been distracted by creating Feline Care's first blog.

Where does one start with a blog? Especially when I fear I will not have time to update it regularly enough or with any sense of continuity!

It will have to just start here and can evolve into whatever masterpiece it is sure to become...


Live stream from our Facebook page...

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