This really is a day of thanks to all those people who make our home so special. We may not all show it all of the time, especially when you give us worming pills, but we are so grateful for every hour or every penny or every donation that build together to make Feline Care a real home.

Lots of you humans look the same to me and I'm not keen on those of you who wear strong perfumes but every day here we get reminded of how kind the human race can be. Some of us have suffered so very much cruelty and hardship at human hand and you've shown us a different side to people. You make the world a nicer and safer place for us and I know I speak for every cat who has arrived at Feline Care's gates when I offer a big purr of gratitude.

Thanks to Rosie Howard, 10yrs old, for her penny picture. She's saving up to buy us some pressies! 


24/12/10 Cyril's Christmas wish

Yey for Cyril who leapt on his new man as soon as he sat down and swiped any other cat who came to say hi. His hard work means he's managed to get himself reserved in time for Christmas! Of course he can't go yet but at least he has what sounds like a dream home in the pipeline. Storm got reserved yesterday too so there's extra Christmas cheer about.

I love Christmas! Everyone's so happy and bringing gifts and even Tesco and Sainsbury's have chipped in at the last minute with chickens for our breakfast tomorrow! I only really like eating my biscuits usually, oh and strawberry soya yoghurt, but chicken is yummy.

Talking of chickens, there's romance in the air as young Arch has fallen for the little black girl. They're hanging out together every morning and he's been caught practicing naughty stuff.

Arch came from a school who apparently hatch out eggs so kids can watch chicks grow from birth. Then at half term they mysteriously vanish (for the chop) and the kids have learnt an important lesson about the disposability of animals. Great.

Well Arch's class got smart and asked questions and all got upset that the chicks they'd named, loved and watch grow were going to be killed. Families between them agreed to take them all on in small groups only as Arch grew into a Cockerel he was no longer wanted in an inner city garden. He's free to cockadoodledoo whenever he likes here although I wish he'd stop raiding our kitchen!


23/12/10 Present mountain

Thanks to all the people who have brought us stuffs! I went over and checked out the donations round our tree today and there's tonnes! Food, cleaning bits, beds, toys, cages, all sorts of treats! Teresa brought loads from a collection at the tax office in Norwich (have people been paying their tax in cat meat?) and Sarah collected loads from the Gt Yarmouth area, looks like everyone in Yarmouth donated! Here's Bethany posing and hoping she'll be allowed just one pouch of cat food...

I hope she isn't allowed any – those dogs steal enough of our food without being given it too. And anyway, some people have brought the doggies pressies too so they won't miss out.

Christine came today and collected loads of biscuits for all the feral cats she feeds. I feel sorry for all the cats struggling with no humans looking after them, having to get up and catch a mouse for breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I like catching anything, butterflies, mice, birds, the odd spider, but I'd hate to survive on them. Small moving things are for playing with, not eating!


21/12/10 A Christmas Angel

Angel arrived today, she's a scruffy black little lady who is already causing confusion. At dinner time mum gave Michael food for Babs (in our ICU) and he took it straight to Angel, assuming Babs had been moved! She's a bit nervous but you can already see she loves a fuss really. It won't take long before she's a soppy cat.

Victor, the now friendly young feral who Vicky found here on site, went in for his castration today. He'll probably be the last cat to be neutered this year because vets have no time for routine operations round Christmas time. Victor's a little less playful but feeling fine this evening and has tucked into his dinner as usual.

We also had the last visit of the year from our ragmen today. Bethany and Poppy gave them a seasonal barking at when they arrived and a few of us gathered to watch the rags getting weighed in. Between April-December this year your old clothes have raised us £2686.73 - that's better than ever so thank you!

Got a good cartoon sent today, might have to try it out on Beth and Pops...


19/12/10 Cephy's moving on

Brrr it's cold today. I've been kicked out because apparently I can't just lay in bed for days upon days. I tried explaining someone has to stay by dads side while he's got flu but even he said that me pudding his hair while he's sleeping is getting annoying. Hmph, some gratitude.

Cephy has gone off with her new family today plus our last kitten family has just been reserved, they'll leave after New Year though.

The boys are very happy that they're going to be staying together and promise to be good except for climbing curtains. Having come from a shed they've never had curtains before so all say they have to try them out before they can make promises not to touch them!


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