06/01/11 Snoozy day

I've lounged as much as possible today and have only arisen from my duvet for essentials. If I could bring myself to use a litter tray I wouldn't have even bothered going outside at all!

There's no sun to bathe in and there's no point going out hunting because the new group of ferals on site are rounding up every bit of wildlife going. They're like a stealth killing machine, one of them has even dragged a rat home and I've never even smelt a rat near here!

I heard Kushka has been reserved today by a couple we've homed cats to before. They have a lovely home to offer so she's a very lucky girl. To think she's come from one of those crazy 'cat hoarder' types who had over 40 unneutered cats in their home and is now finally getting her dream life. I wish every cat could be so lucky.

Oh and apparently Mad Irish was still stuck in the feed room this afternoon so let's hope he snuck out during evening feed!


05/01/11 It's nearly official?

We've been waiting for weeks and weeks and months and more for planning permission to come through for our new unit and home. A lovely lady called Sue visited from the council today and said we have been officially passed – just waiting for paperwork. I hope it comes soon because it's all taking far too long and until I am sleeping on the paperwork I won't believe it!

Grandma came to visit today too. She brought the dogs a packet of ham to share, as always, because she says the cats get plenty of treats! Hmph. It's ok, I gave her a chewing for being so thoughtless.

There was a spectacularly loud argument today when Perry accidentally jumped onto the same side of kitchen worktop as Mad Irish. Mad Irish immediately screamed and Perry thought something big was happening and went into fight mode. Mum got a good bite off Perry while removing him because he thought she was another attacker. Ah well, at least the boys didn't actually fight, that would have been terrifying!

This evening Mad Irish is still wedged on top of a pile of sacks of cat biscuits in our feed-room because he's too scared to walk back out of reception. He's growling whenever the light is switched on. He was originally from Ireland and so he's not called Mad Irish for nothing!



04/01/11 We're getting a new leaflet!


Finally we're getting a full colour leaflet, at a bargain price (which has worked out cheaper than black and white printing?!) so we'll be promoted in full shiny glossy colour at last!

Here's a taster of the new cover, and yes that is me featuring top-right...

Mum's been really poorly with a cold for days so I think it's been a bit of a struggle to get the leaflet finalised ready for Sarah to prepare it for print. There's been some complicated talk of picture resolutions and quiet areas so I've just helped by laying across the laptop at every opportunity.

I've also been giving a hand in the woods which are being cleared of ivy. I think the ivy looks pretty but apparently it is killing our trees so I guess it has to go. It's kind of fun because there's loads of insects being disturbed for me to chase!



02/01/11 The three musketeers have left!

The three boys, see their picture on 19th December, have finally left for their new home! They are going to be so excited when they realise they have the run of a whole house. I do hope they'll behave but as three young boys of only a few months of age I doubt it somehow.

Apparently I was a pretty naughty kitten, I don't think I was ut then mum prodcued this as proof. Apparently every single time the bathroom door was left open I'd shred as many toilet rolls as possible....

Gareth from Wymondham's Pets Corner has been over to visit again today, bringing more goodies for us. He and his friend went round and gave all the cats some cuddles too which is always welcomed.

Also today, Storm went off to her lovely new home. She was delievered so mum and dad got to see her settling in and loving lounging on her new sofa immediately! Let's hope Jinx is going to be as lucky – she's our first 'puss of the week' to appear in the Diss Express this year!


01/01/11 Happy Mew Year!

2010 was a busy year for us but no doubt 2011 will be even more so! I wish you all a very healthy and happy year ahead and hope that with your support we will be able to help loads more cats!

We've had a lovely Christmas with lots of volunteers still making it in as usual. What we thought would be a time for a sneaky rest didn't quite turn out so but we've still made time for fun!

On Christmas Day we ate a roast chicken breakfast and for tea we had flaked tuna fish, apart from some of the cats who requested chicken again! Howard was stupid enough to parade round in a stupid bow all day. He liked the extra attention it got him....

I'd like to start the new year by thanking Pauline Dodd for being the first person to donate using our brand new Charity Choice donate now button. It's a free service they offer to registered charities thankfully as the world of banking seems pricey to me.

Please start your new year with a donation as January is likely to be a tight month for us and we need to get as many cats out of the cold as possible. I think you just need to go to this link to donate...

Now I'm going back to bed, those noisy humans kept me up too late last night!


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