12/01/11 Broken interweb

This technology stuff is all very well but it does keep breaking down. Uncle Paul (my vet) has given us a new router to try but it won't work either. It's obviously making life lots more complicated having no interweb at all in the office so I hope someone fixes it soon. I wonder if Scully's pee'd on it?

We have a bit of a dilema because one of the very elderly ferals here has an itchy ear which is causing her problems. She is too old to have an anaesthetic but too feral to have it looked at or treated without one. That kind of handling could scare her so much that it could do a lot more harm than good. It's very hard to know what the right thing to do is but they're going to keep an eye on it while they work out a plan of action for her.

Britney and Puss moved into the back pen with all the other cats today. Puss is very pleased to have some space but isn't keen on the other cats and Britney is a little worried by everything. She will soon find her feet, everyone does.

And our Intensive Care Unit is very quiet today. All the vaccinated youngsters, who have been in ICU for quarantine and handling, are feeling rubbish because of yesterday's vaccinations. They are all worn out and none of them have made very much mess in their cages because they've been too tired to play. I bet they feel a whole load better by tomorrow and once they've had time to recover they're moving into bigger pens with other cats at last!


11/01/11 Howard's big news

It's been an exciting evening at home because, for the first time ever that anyone's noticed, Howie's tried to meow! Kwali always shouts a lot for food, at least six times a day she screams that she's actually going to die because her stomach has turned inside out, so we think that's who's given him the idea.

Mum was feeding Kwali a pouch of food and Howie came up, sat at her feet and opened his mouth to ask for some too. Apparently a funny strangled cough kind of noise came out but he definitely tried to talk. We've spent all evening guessing what his voice is going to sound like if and when he actually learns. I think he'll have a squeaky meow because he's never used his voice before.

Of course there's no way anyone could have got a picture but here's what I think he must have looked a bit like when he meowed....
(he's actually just woken up and is yawning but it's got to look a bit similar!)

Also there was a big vet trip today, I counted eight cats getting loaded into the van which then refused to start. Luckily Sarah came back from the Charity Shop to jump start them but who left the inside light on again!?


10/01/11 Murphys' punk style!

Poor Murphy has been booked in for neutering on Friday and he is going to have a full clip all over while he's unconscious. Today, because his fur was restricting his movement so much, mum and dad have managed to keep him calm enough to cut some of the worst bits off.

They even managed to use the clippers as the matting was so close to his skin it was safer than scissors. He must have been so sore to accept them doing so much to him. Clippers are noisy nasty things and though they don't hurt there's no way you'd get a pair near most cats.

As soon as he was done all he could do was stretch round his cage, like it had been a long time since his legs had been able to move properly. What a relief.

I think Murphy needs a braveness medal and no one here's going to tease him for his daft punk hairdo!


09/01/11 Scaredy Murphy

The sorriest sight ever arrived today. He was a stray and has been named Murphy by the vet nurse who he tried to move in with before Christmas.

His coat is matted almost solid which must be horribly painful but at the moment the priority is settling him down as he's very stressed. He is so terrified he has been left to hide under a blanket in the corner of one of our quarantine cages.

The weirdest thing about Murphy is that his left eye has been surgically removed yet he hasn't been neutered. A very odd move by a vet (entire males have less than a quarter of the life expectancy of those who are neutered) and even more odd that he has since been allowed to become a stray. Surely if your cat has already had something so traumatic as to need an eye taking out then you would be taking the best possible care of him?

Maybe we will never know but Murphy has a loving and safe home with us until someone adopts him.

Kushka left today and also Willow and Pinky were reserved. Willow has been here a while so it's high time someone fell for her. Mind you it's taken her a long time to get brave enough to meet strangers. Everyone here keeps explaining to the cats who want homes that they need to get friendly with strangers because strangers are actually potential new families! Poor Pinky certainly isn't any bolder but his lovely new mum is willing to give him a whole heap of love and persuade him to trust her.


07/01/11 Mabel's back!

Released on December 14th and finally she's returned! What a huge relief! She was crying outside the back of our reception this evening but was too scared to come close until mum went out with Perry and a plate of food! She was so excited to see Perry but sadly he couldn't much care about her, such a heart breaker. Luckily Mabel didn't mind too much because she's so happy to be home and fed...

The new leaflet has finally been submitted to the printers this morning. It will take about a fortnight to come back so let's hope it looks as good as it does on screen.

Mum's still really poorly so she's being ordered to rest up more. She isn't happy about it but unless she snuggles up in bed with me she won't get better. We have several appointments booked for Sunday so she better be well by then.

Meanwhile I've heard we have a year of bad luck ahead as nobody's taken down the Christmas decorations yet. Some people are also stupid enough to believe that black cats are unlucky but we all know different...


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