20/01/11 Uh-oh... total now 27!

The farm owner arrived this morning with five cats trapped and then this afternoon another three! Wow that's so many more than we were expecting. I'm not sure how that's going to create havoc with our waiting list because there's literally hundreds waiting to move in here. Glad I don't have to think about that stuff!

Two of the kittens from the group have had to be moved into our ICU as they have bad colds and the little boy has lost an eye already. The little girl's eyes are in a bad way and looks like the surface of both eyes are already badly scarred. Someone with a very safe home will have to fall in love with those two because they will both have impeded vision forever.

Some good news today is that the leaflet's arrived and I look absolutely beautiful on it! We've never been in full colour before and I'm so proud!

Choosie thought it was ok, considering her picture didn't make it in, but could she have a meal before she's expected to read it all?


19/01/11 Loads of cats caught for neutering!

This morning mum and dad were off out the door really early to start trapping the latest feral colony. It's miles away so they had a planned trapping operation to catch every cat up as quickly as possible.

In the morning they came home with the first ten and by late afternoon they went back to collect another nine! They aren't the healthiest looking group and several have missing or infected eyes which will need treatment somehow.

The owner doesn't want the cats back at all but there's far too many for us to keep and it would mean we wouldn't have room for more cats so they are mostly being neutered and going home. They'll of course get the full works as well: de-flea, worm, microchip, etc. Any that can be domesticated will stay with us to find a home and any who need to stay for long term medical treatment too.

I know there's already 19 been caught but apparently there's still at least another three still to be trapped. I guess there's going to be lots of vet trips coming up!


18/01/11 Weightwatchers

To all those of you who have commented recently on my expanding waistline, I would just like to point out Mrs 'Fatty' Hamilton. She looks more like a novelty hot water bottle cover every day...

Next week is going to be absolutely manic, I have no idea how on earth everything is going to get done and how anyone will have time to cuddle cats enough! Mind you, I'm not sure it is possible to cuddle cats enough.

Anyway, there's two big Tesco store collections, Diss on Thursday and Ipswich Rd, Norwich on Saturday. Also on Thursday mum and Emma are busy buzzing off on a training course, bad timing! Then on Sunday we're having our huge January Jumble Sale whilst also being open for viewing at the same time. Putting up the marquee will have be done on Wednesday and on Friday helpers are coming in to sort the jumble for Sunday. I think that's everything.

Plus all the cleaning and feeding and cuddling which needs doing on a daily basis. Wow, that's a lot of people power needed.... if you're reading this then please donate us half a day next week! Leave mum a message on 01953 718529 or email her at info [at] felinecare [dot] org [dot] uk and I reckon it'll cheer her up no end!

I'm going to sit and spit and swear at the Alien Irish cat for a while now, she's sitting outside my window and I hate her. She bullies Mad Irish no end and that's just unnecessary so she's on my grrr list.


15/01/11 Filthy rain

I'm bored of this mucky weather. Every time I step foot outside for the toilet I have to spend at least an hour cleaning myself afterwards. The dogs, Poppy and Bethany, are like little mud machines and they're much lazier about washing than me so all the beds keep getting mudded too. Urgh!

Murphy was cross this morning. He bit Michelle while she was fussing him but he says it's just because she hit a sore spot and he's sorry she got hurt. He's feeling a bit happier tonight but he is a little hissy. I guess any male would wake up a little angry if he woke up bald and castrated so it's fair enough. Hopefully he'll start to calm down once his inflamed skin has settled and his wounds start to heal.

Willow left today, I hope we get updates from her but I know she is going to be over the moon with her new home. Pinky leaves tomorrow too and I know both of them are going to be missed lots. I hope Pinky will settle quickly because he's so nervous, it's sad that we'll never know what's happened to him.

Right, time for a very early night, I want to try and get up early and hide behind the sofa so I don't get chucked out for exercise when everyone wakes up!


14/01/11 Murphy's new poodle look

Ok the punk look was one thing but now poor Murphy just looks like a poodle! If he had a mirror I'm sure he'd complain.

On the serious down side, while he was under anaesthetic being castrated and microchipped, some bad fighting injuries were found. He has a bite wound so bad at the base of his tail that he's lucky he still has a tail. His fur and blood were matted around it so it wasn't visible but now it's been cleaned up and he's on anti-biotics he should hopefully be fine. The wound is going to have to be left open so he will be uncomfortable for a while yet.

I know it's a bit of a scary picture but this was taken during his anaesthetic at the vets...

He has lots of other bad scars and a couple of abscesses, no wonder he's barely been able to move. He also had lots of marks where his fur has been ripped out because he's been so matted. What immense pain he must have been living in. I'm just so relieved he's here now.


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