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  • 24 Jan 2011

    We were in for quite a treat when volunteer Clare rang Lily's Kitchen up to beg for food... a whole pallet of yummy Organic foil trays!

    A family of four, brought in by Diss Police Officers, were more than happy to pose for pics as they have been raised on it!

    At first things ran smoothly and some cute posing took place:

    They were oblivious to the camera throughout and gulped their lunch down:

    Then as the food ran out the rush for scraps got frantic:

    It didn't take long before someone worked out what was stacked up all around them:

    Thank you so much to Lily's Kitchen for such a tasty donation. All our cats agree it is the tastiest ever!!

  • 13 Jan 2011

    Our boiler has something wrong with it and, despite numerous heating repair engineers looking at it, we are still in the cold.

    Please, does anyone out there know of a heating engineer who could help as soon as possible?

    Our underfloor heating is barely working and our cold cats need help desperately! Not to mention the lack of hot water and the amount of kettles of water we have to boil every day just to keep our floors mopped and litter trays clean. This really is an emergency and we know there must be a cat loving engineer out there somewhere who can help us!
    "Brrrr we cold, please help!""Brrrr we cold, please help!"

  • 18 Dec 2010

    Vicky Harris has done so well and impressed everyone here with her courage and stamina in running the Great North Run.

    Last Sunday she visited the centre to present a cheque which the gang were very excited to receive. Storm was so desperate to get in the picture that sadly she ended up round the photographers legs and forgot to get in the final shot! 

    Well done and thank you Vicky, on behalf of all the cats here at Feline Care.

    Whiskers all the way to the end!Whiskers all the way to the end!

  • 17 Nov 2010

    Earlier this year we fostered out a family of feral kittens among our volunteers as they needed urgent handling and love to become confident grown ups. All four then found homes very quickly with their new love for humans, as Alfred shows here...

    With space so limited we are under huge pressure at the moment from a waiting list full of cats in desperate need of our help and we have once again turned to a foster home for extra help.

    Thankfully lots of cats are finding lovely new homes which helps us make room for more but our quarantine areas are simply too full of unvaccinated cats who have to wait four weeks to enter our communal homing areas.

    There's nothing we can do to speed the vaccination process up but one of our volunteers has kindly taken a family of cats home to be quarantined!  

    The group have certainly landed on their paws and have full run of the house while they wait to come in here and find permanent homes of their own.

    Their fosterer Liki said: "Victor, Sven and Amy are doing really well here, so far so good, and coming out of themselves more. Had a few hair-raising moments with the little female who is a real firecracker but the other two are very mild-tempered and affectionate."

    After a couple of weeks Amy has stated to calm down and Liki has sent another update: "The 3 musketeers are doing really well, keeping me company. The 2 boys lying by the dining room fire together, as I write right now, and Amy on the table tackling the laptop and twice nearly deleting my message to you!"

    We rarely foster our cats but under the circumstances it was the only way to help more cats find sanctuary and safety.

    If you feel you have the time and experience to foster cats for short periods of time and you are local to Attleborough please do get in touch!

  • 17 Nov 2010

    Our newly spruced up pen is looking beautiful thanks to the team at Jewsons in Diss who provided materials and Paul and Chris for their hard work painting and putting up shelves to give the cats more space to rest and play.

    The first three cats to arrive in the new pen were a pair of Smudge's and Mimi, pictured above, closely followed by Dylan and Storm.

    They are all loving the space and huge scratch posts donated by a local supporter and the floor is now so much easier to clean up now it's been painted.

    We are expecting a hard August with so many volunteers all away on summer holidays but as soon as we have time the next two pens will receive the same treatment!

  • 27 Oct 2010

    When we found a taped up box with air holes outside our gates we dreaded what we were about to find.

    The inhabitants didn't make a single noise while we cut the tape away and we opened the dark box to find two pairs of shining eyes staring back.

    How long they had been sitting there we don't know but the handsome pair of boys seem quite happy.

  • 31 Aug 2010

    We've hit the national news today over Lilly the Bengal and Mrs Baker.

    We'd like to thank those of you have been kind enough to email supporting our stance on homing our cats safely and we are sorry to those of you who disagree. We know it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time so we'll just stick to doing our best for cats as usual....

  • 20 Jul 2010

    The shirt signed by all of the League One Championship winning side raised just over £300 in our raffle!

    Thanks to all who bought tickets and sorry you couldn't all win because it was a very popular prize!



  • 23 Jun 2010

    We recieved a call this morning from a supporter in Thetford who's friend didn't know what to do about a cat stuck in a tree behind her house. They had contacted the RSPCA the previous day and spoken to the emergency services for advice but still the ginger cat was stuck and crying pitifully for help. When we arrived at the scene a desperate meow from 30ft above greeted us and we could see that specialist climbing equipment would be needed.

  • 23 Jun 2010

    We woke to five perfect new arrivals this morning! Though one baby required some supportive care for the first few hours all five are now feeding well, as is young mummy Smudge. Smudge is still is absolutely exhausted but so happy and proud of her new family.

Live stream from our Facebook page...

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